Serge Ferrari. SOLTIS 502

This lightweight product enable fluid, attractive designs, encouraging new approaches in fabrication and construction to create more function with fewer resources. Serge Ferrari products are durable, offering long-term performance. They are recyclable, illustrating Serge Ferrari’s commitment to sustainable development and reducing our environmental impact.

Soltis Proof 502 (previously named Precontraint 502 Satin) is a highly durable, dimensionally stable material with a 10 year warranty. This waterproof material protects against bad weather and UV and offers exceptional dirt and mold resistance due to its PVDF surface treatment. Available in 40 colors and with an attractive satin finish, Soltis Proof 502 is ideal for awnings, canopies, light structures and tents. Zaxbys Restaurants, among others looking for a higher end look, have chosen this upscale material. It has a very smooth surface lending itself to look more like metal to the naked eye. Dirt and water roll off it very easily, taking less labor to keep it clean to an even shorter outlay.