Patio 500 has a 5 year warranty.

Patio 500 fabric from Herculite® is a great choice for both commercial and residential applications such as awnings and canopies. A staple for over 45 years, the Patio 500 awning fabric brings proven performance. This outdoor fabric combines a lasting matte finish with exceptional dimension.

Unlike traditional Sunbrella canvas awning fabric, Patio 500 is a closed celled material that will never allow water though. It has a semi-smooth finish that needs minimal cleaning to continue looking great for years to come. Patio 500 awning fabric has embedded line in it for strength, but is noticeable up close.

We find that our clients gravitate towards this material if thier custom built awning will be getting dirty often for the ease of cleaning and cost-effectiveness. Though it is not the finest looking material that we offer, it does host a great value for the price conscious.